Bitcoin for Everyone
Simple to setup and use

Coin Pocket stores Bitcoin in the browser, so there is no service to sign up to. Just setup your Coin Pocket wallet with a password and you're ready to send and receive Bitcoin.

Scan Code
Native QR Code Scanning for iOS

Scanning QR Codes to make a Bitcoin payment has never been easier on iOS. Coin Pocket uses Scan Code from the App Store to make this happen.

Scan Code in the App Store

Accessible, even when servers go down

Using HTML5 offline cache, Coin Pocket is still accessible even if the server goes down. Coin Pocket also relies on multiple sources for communicating with the blockchain in case any of them fail.

Open Source
Developers can review and improve Coin Pocket

Coin Pocket is MIT Licensed, which means that anyone can use the code with little restriction.

Coin Pocket on GitHub